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Woodstock Nutritional Supplements, Supplier of Monkey and Reptile Essential Vitamin Supplements

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Woodstocks Nutritional Supplements

We are pleased to announce that Woodstocks Nutritional Supplements is now  under new managerment of Marmosetdiets now that Mr Michael Putnam has retired,We will continue to manufacture and supply these products to the highest standard as was produced by Michael and his wife Llid.

Christine and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael for all the advice, training  and help he has given us, for us to be able to continue to produce the Woodstock products at the same high standard that it is well known for, We would also like to wish Michael and Llid  our very best wishes for them for the future.

  Regard’s Patrick and Christine.

Woodstock Nutritional Supplements have been manufacturing, and providing, Zoos, Animal parks and Private keepers, for the past 20 years with our essential “Vitamin D3” and “Vitamin D3 plus E” that comes in Powder form, the Oily Vitamin D3 is used for Reptiles & Primates.

Woodstock Nutritional Supplement products are only available from Woodstock, or Marmosetdiets we are the sole UK suppliers,

Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin E supplements for reptiles such as iguana and chameleons

and also Marmosets and all New world Primates

"..Please email:or Phone" "But No Mobile Text.."
If you need to phone us please note". to make sure your phone detail such as your number is not being withheld before making a phone call to us. WE HAVE OUR PHONES SETUP NOT TO RECIEVE CALLS FROM PHONES THAT HAVE HAD THEIR DETAILS WITHELD  ALL YOU WILL GET IS AN ENGAGED TONE.   We also Will Not Respond To Mobile TEXT Messages.

Company Profile:   

The partners Patrick and Christine Smith, who have been keeping primates for over 32 years, and have been running Marmosetdiets that have been supplying Woodstock’s Oily vitamin D3  and other new world primate food supplements for many years.


For almost 30 years, Patrick has been keeping primates, and have been an adviser on the nutrition needs for monkeys and other animals.Woodstock has now become a division and part of Marmosetdiets in the UK. Patrick is one of a small number of people who specialist and advise in the keeping & husbandry of primates along with investigating apparent vitamin deficiencies amongst monkeys.  Patrick has been responsible for giving and providing advice to many hundreds of keepers over the years when they needed help and advice.

Christine Smith   Details and CV to be added latter.


With these backgrounds, Patrick and Christine Smith have an exceptional blend of knowledge and experience of the nutrition and physiology of animal species  Woodstocks has lised that knowledge to formulate unique vitamin dilutions for exotic species .

Patrick Smith is also available as a consultant in the field of new world primate species, he also has knowledge of the legislation governing of keeping primates and of animal feed manufacture. He has a wide knowledge of the European Directives relating to animal feeding and keeps and maintains an up-to-the-minute file of permitted animal feed additives that is required on the manufacture of supplements.

Help in any of these areas only requires a telephone call, or an e-mail.

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